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Steve Griffith
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Steve Griffith - World Champion

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Steve Griffith
RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship

Mesquite, Nevada

ESPN Televised Network

Steve Griffith of Hamilton, Ohio is a RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion

Steve Griffith is a 2005 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion (2005) and an fifteen (15) time world championship finalist. He also has four 2nd place finishes, once losing by less than a yard. He has always been in the top 10 finishers in the world long drive events.

Now, over the age of 65, Steve has qualified 15 straight years to compete against the world's longest hitters. In recent years he have driven the golf ball over 395 yards in long drive competitions. At the age of 57 in actual world competition he hit drives of 360 yards coming in 2nd in the world, getting beat by one yard. In At the age of 58 he again came in 2nd in the world and hit drives past 370 yards in the competiton.

Steve has proven time and time again that he is one of the longest drivers of a golf ball in the world. You do not have to lose distance as you age. Steve have proven this. Now, past the age of 65 he can still hit a golf ball consistently over 350 yards.

By profession Steve is a schoolteacher. He is also a coach, scratch golfer, motivational speaker, executive coach, and trick shot artist, along with being a World Champion long driver. If you are looking for ways to improve your game, a personal golf pro or lessons on improving your game and distance this is your web site. He loves teaching school but just as much he enjoys teaching golf and seeing others improve, especially on how to hit it very, very long. Steve have helped thousands of golfers with his ebook and some that have actually made it to the Remax World Long Drive Championship finals with his help.

Steve Griffith - World Long Drive Champion
Steve was featured in a Golf Tips Magazine article on how to hit it longer. Here he demonstrates the correct shoulder turn to bust it long and straight. But a good shoulder turn is only one of the many, many golf swings techniques Steve uses to continue to be one of the worlds longest hitters well beyond the age of 60.

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Please visit the other pages of Steve's site. You will find some interesting information and entertainment on how you can improve your game and hit it long and straight.


I really appreciate each and everyone who has followed my career and have encouraged me to continue to compete. Without your encouragement and support I would have never became a world long drive champion and continue my efforts to win another world long drive championship. One championship and three 2nd place finishes in the past 6 years would not have happened without your encouragement to keep going over the age of 65.

Below are three different offers for your consideration. As you probably know I am a school teacher by trade and I also love teaching the game of golf to everyone desiring to hit it longer.


Steve Griffith

World Long Drive Champion
"Secrets Of A World Long Drive Champion"
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This book consists of two very different parts. Part one is the story of my 50 plus year golf career and the reasons why I learned to hit my drives farther than my peers. It also includes my 25-year quest to compare my driving skills with the competitors at the World Long Drive Championship.

The second part contains detailed instructions about how I continue to hit a golf ball over 350 yards even into my mid 60s. I begin with some important lessons I learned during my amateur golf career that created the foundation required for me to win a RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship 35 years later. My personal story includes frustrations, disappointments, bad information from a "friend, receiving support from an unlikely source, overcoming personal mental demons, and finally hitting the drive that won the 2005 Super Senior RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship.......

Thank You,
Steve Griffith

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